Spanish Artist Antoni Amat

"Territorio de Calam" by Antoni Amat, mixed media on wood, red, famous contemporary artist on sale, miami etra fine art gallery canvas for sale,
“Territorio de Calam” by Antoni Amat, mixed media on wood

In the early stages of his career Antoni‘s work reflected the strong influences of his birthplace, Barcelona, and the discovery of Spanish titans like Goya, Dali and Picasso. At the age of fifteen, he had his first exhibition and throughout his early career the influence of Surrealism was strong. The Mediterranean landscape, its light, colors and textures, still appear prominently in Antoni’s mature work, which veered away from Surrealism in the 80s.

The strong gestures and heavy application of paint and other materials onto wood, linen and canvas that evolved in the last decades have come to be known as the artist’s signature. Along with his personal style of painting, the personal mythology of Antoni’s work has grown too.

Going deeper than the landscape, the earth’s surface has been ruptured and all the internal workings show. Hot magma, precious stones, gases, minerals, and mud spill out onto the surface through cracks and holes in the composition. Dense worlds once hidden have been revealed, created by the artist. In large format paintings as well as sculpture this particular style of work is unique to Antoni.

Antoni’s works are regularly exhibited in the Maeght Gallery in Barcelona, Spain, as well as in other art galleries in Madrid, Mallorca, USA, Germany, and Italy, as well as in museums, private foundations and private collections all over the world.