New Acquisitions: Yigit Yazici

One look at Istanbul native Yigit Yazici‘s work is enough to transport the viewer to alternate worlds. Through a signature loose, vibrantly colorful style, Yazici transforms familiar forms into collisions of vibrating lines and eye-popping colors.

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“RTU 207315”, oil on canvas, 59 x 59 in by Yigit Yazici

On first view, Yazici’s works may appear to be digital, with their smoothed forms and outlined strokes. However, Yazici instead painstakingly emulates that style with paint on canvas, and the results are astounding. Even more impressive is the clarity each object is afforded within the chaotic lines and compositions. Each piece depicts recognizable objects or pieces thereof, and it’s a fun detective game to try and figure out what each composition is showing.

RTU 207315 by Yigit Yazici, colorful contemporary canvas for sale, famous japanese contemporary artist, miami etra fine art gallery painting for sale
“RTU 207515”, oil on canvas, 47.5 x 86.5 in by Yigit Yazici

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