New Acquisitions: Linda Nicholas

Pantone 021 in the Night Sky by Linda Nicholas, colorful red mixed media painting for sale, contemporary abstract, miami etra fine art gallery art, famous artwork for sale
“Pantone 021 in the Night Sky”, mixed media mounted on Dibond, 48 x 73 in by Linda Nicholas

New York-based painter Linda Nicholas’ works are energetic, playful explorations of control and unexpected coincidence. Focusing on nature and her relationship to the environment, the artist says the following of her work:

“Fragments cut out and peeled off to make hybrids suggestive of constructed matter circulating in the body, nature, and the whole universe. The floating clusters speak of an evolution that affects material, color and detail. All remains indefinable, weaving and shifting between whole and part, questioning and challenging our perception of space and representation.”

Check out some of Nicholas’ intensely detailed and balanced compositions here at Etra Fine Art today!

Aqua Reef by Linda Nicholas, seascape artwork for sale, famous contemporary art for sale, miami etra fine art gallery, teal, blue, abstract mixed media art,
“Aqua Reef”, mixed media mounted on Dibond, 48 x 70 in.