New Acquisitions: Fernando Varela

Etra Fine Art continues its run of striking new acquisitions with several pieces from Santo Domingo artist Fernando Varela. Varela has been working on his abstract compositions for years, recently embracing a more collage-focused aesthetic conjoined with his signature theme of “Forma y Vacio”, or “Form and Vacancy”.

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“Forma y Vacio 0.08-16”, oil on canvas, 49.5 x 53 in by Fernando Varela

Varela’s paintings and collages jump off the canvas with vivid coloration and his oval-esque forms both filled and unfilled. The pieces have a unique textural sensibility that keeps them feeling grounded even as his compositional sense veers into the contemporary. The artist also produces series on paper, such as the black and white piece below:

Forma y Vacio Col.16/15 by Fernando Varela, black and white abstract painting for sale, mixed media paper artwork, miami etra fine art gallery, famous modern artist, circles
“Forma y Vacio Col.16/15”, mixed media on paper, 19 x 19 in by Fernando Varela

Check out more info on this studious and prolific creator on Varela’s artist page.