New Acquisitions at Etra Fine Art

Jettison by Blu smith, blue smith, abstract blue colorful canvas for sale, contemporary famous artist, miami etra fine art gallery, purple yellow
“Jettison”, 66 x 66 in, acrylic on canvas by Blu Smith

There’s exciting news for Miami art lovers today, as Etra Fine Art has recently acquired two brand new artists. The first is Blu Smith, an abstract painter from Victoria, Canada who impresses and delights us with his daring use of color and form. Beginning his career as a sign painter and commercial artist, Smith used his fine art practice to free himself from the precision and technicality of his commercial style. He now paints glowing, organic shapes that propagate freely across his canvases, while still retaining an innate sense of composition and clarity. Check out more of Smith’s work at his artist page.

Transport Forms 2 by Andriy Halashyn, orange, women, cow, car, house, miami etra fine art gallery, canvas for sale, contemporary artist, ukranian oil painting for sale,
“Transport Forms 2”, 51 x 59 in, oil on canvas by Andriy Halashyn

Our second acquisition is the work of Andriy Halashyn, a Ukrainian-born pop artist who’s lived and worked in Costa Rica for the past ten years. His technically accomplished paintings bridge the gap between dystopian visions and cosmopolitan fantasy. Symbols of opulence and wealth are paired with destroyed landscapes, a dark commentary on commercialism reminiscent of street artists like Banksy. Above, get a taste of Halashyn’s style with the vibrant hues of “Transport Forms 2”. His full artist page with featured works is coming soon!