Mario Vélez “Internal Migrations”

"Internal Migrations" by Mario Vélez, mixed media on canvas, yellow orange, famous contemporary artists for sale, miami etra fine art gallery, nyc fine art for sale
“Internal Migrations” by Mario Vélez, mixed media on canvas

Migrations, nothing staying in its place, as if everything were propelled by a centrifugal force. Strokes that let the light poor in, ovals clamped shut on the reality of their deepening color.
Vélez studies the shape of the oval in a search to find form in the formless. They are human footprints that invite the viewer to wonder whose steps they are, where they came from and what path they are following. He paints mental maps, the body of the mind and geographies of pain and pleasure. Vélez is also committed to beauty and he connects it to values such as serenity, harmony, and a certain symmetry of transparencies.  These works are like writings in a diary; each new day brings new configurations.