Mario Velez “Eternal Spring” Opens in New York

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“Eternal Spring” by Mario Velez, 35 x 71 inches, mixed media on canvas


Frederico Sève  Gallery



New York City, NY – Frederico Sève Gallery is pleased to present “Eternal Spring”.   A selection of six large format paintings by the colombian artist Mario Velez opens February 6, 2014.  “Eternal Spring” is the manifestation of Velez’s exploration of logicinstinct, andperception, as these concepts are turned upside-down and inside-out through this series.

Velez’s work has a significant departure from what one may call “traditional” painting. The concept of background and foreground is endlessly lost into one another. Consequently, the background becomes an element of it’s own within the composition, where no single element has precedence over the other.  Instead, different elements work harmoniously to create this eternal state. A prevalent reference is made throughout this series to the Cartesian coordinates; the canvas is made up of intersecting lines at different angles that come together to create these free-floating organic shapes.

Art critic, Luis Fernando Valencia describes Velez’s work,  “…In the paintings of Mario Vélez there is no such thing as an order of subordination; that is to say, no single element has predominance upon another, there is not one single formal component that is given the leading role. This is what makes his painting a thoroughly contemporary expression, a work that stands clearly “beyond modernity.” Hence the importance of his contributions to the current panorama of painting, not only in Colombia but in the international stage as well. “


Frederico Sève is a leading authority in the art world who has been instrumental in bringing unknown Latin American artists to New York and propelling them onto the greater forefront of the international scene for the last forty-five years.  He is credited with having discoveredCarmen Herrera, the pioneer of Latin American Modernism, whom he instantly launched onto a worldwide platform after she received her first show at the Frederico Sève Gallery in 2004.  Under Mr. Sève’s direction, now-acclaimed artists, such as GegoMira Schendel,Maria Fernanda Cardoso, and others, were exhibited at the Frederico Sève Gallery years before they reached their current status.

Frederico Sève Gallery, formerly known as latincollector, exhibits and promotes artists from Latin America and Spain in an international context. The gallery’s aim is to assist collectors, art professionals and academics to discover, view and purchase works that transcend territorial boundaries.