“Ecstatic Visions: The Work of Andrea Dasha Reich”


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“Tess Kimono” by Andrea Dasha Reich

Born in Czech Republic in 1946 to a life of diversity, Andrea Dasha Reich attended the Bezalel Academy of Arts in Jerusalem before moving to NYC to nourish a life of progressive creativity and success. She now resides in a tropical countryside where she lives adjacent to her studio.
Through her travels, adventures, and experience of the dynamics of different culture, Dasha has found the essence and inspiration of her artistic philosophy. This comes from the inherent language of nature and it’s ability to formulate sensation, perception, and reconfigure our experience of life.
The works by Andrea Dasha Reich and her abstractions on nature are an indication of how this prolific multi-medium artist sees the world. Astonishing beauty, magnificent power, and the intense awe-inspiring complexion in nature in which the life and creation of color is born. Through the use of colored pigments and layers of epoxy resins her new collections seem to let her visions breathe with motion. The crystalline paintings pull you into a mysterious realm of curiosity and surprise.
Based on her view of the world we live in today, Dasha’s intention is to pull together the unfolding drama that surrounds us. She lets us enter the beauty of nature, feel the warmth of its myriad nuances along with its drastic contrasts, and present to us through abstraction, an underlying understanding that the whole earth is one inter-connected entity. That through herself and her art, she can give us a new perspective, that science and intellect are not the only mediums through which the world can be understood.