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  • Atlas Exhibit by Mario Velez in Bogota, black and white, famous artist sculptor, contemporary, modern art for sale, miami etra fine art gallery news

    Mario Velez’s “Atlas” exhibition opens in Bogota

    An exhibition of new Mario Vélez paintings and sculptures opened recently at the Archivo de Bogota in Colombia. The painted works retain his signature textures and forms while branching out into the unknown with celestial-inspired compositions and intriguing new color choices. Adding to the impact of the monumental paintings were several orb-shaped sculptures that furthered…

  • Another Go-Around by Robert Brinker, colorful oil painting for sale, contemporary artwork for sale, abstract modern art, miami etra fine art gallery news, famous painter

    New Acquisitions from Robert Brinker

    If you like the playfully academic, hard-edge style works of Robert Brinker, you’ll love our new acquisitions from this talented painter. We have four new works in the gallery, including one of Brinker’s largest pieces yet, the spirited “Another Go-Around”, shown below. We have similar pieces in an array of sizes to fit any space. Come…

  • nordart fair, inside view, canvas artworks, sculpture artworks, miami etra fine art gallery news,

    Andriy Halashyn Invited to Participate in NordArt 2016

    Good news for fans of Andriy Halashyn’s iconographic, darkly humorous pop-art paintings. The Ukrainian-born artist, now residing in Costa Rica, has been invited to showcase his work at NordArt, a very exclusive fair that selects only a tiny slice of applicants to participate. The event is held annually in the German town of Büseldorf, in…

  • Dreams by Santiago Medina, stainless steel large sculpture for sale, miami etra fine art gallery, famous contemporary artist exhibit, contemporary sculptor, orange

    Santiago Medina installs permanent sculpture at Stanford Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital

    One of Santiago Medina‘s timeless stainless steel sculptures has found a new permanent home, this time in the lobby of the Stanford Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital. The artist’s statement on the piece is as follows: The name of the sculpture is “DREAMS”. The sculpture is interactive, hence it allows people to look at themselves on…

  • Pantone 021 in the Night Sky by Linda Nicholas, colorful red mixed media painting for sale, contemporary abstract, miami etra fine art gallery art, famous artwork for sale

    New Acquisitions: Linda Nicholas

    New York-based painter Linda Nicholas’ works are energetic, playful explorations of control and unexpected coincidence. Focusing on nature and her relationship to the environment, the artist says the following of her work: “Fragments cut out and peeled off to make hybrids suggestive of constructed matter circulating in the body, nature, and the whole universe. The…

  • magazine, Andriy Halashyn interview, birth of a country, black and white, prostitute, women, colorful ukraninan pop artist, miami etra fine art news

    Andriy Halashyn Interview in ArtDistricts Magazine

    Etra Fine Art is very pleased to announce that Andriy Halashyn has been featured in ArtDistricts Magazine for their Basel issue (No. 39, December 2015)! Below, check out a snippet of the article, featuring Halashyn’s painting “Birth of a Country.” Pick up a copy around Wynwood today and read the rest of this fascinating interview.

  • Colombian painter Mario Velez, yellow abstract painting, contemporary canvas art for sale, miami etra fine art gallery, famous artist

    Etra Fine Art Kicks Off Art Week with “Highlights 2016”

    Art Week is off and running, and we’ve got proof. To inaugurate the gigantic, annual fair extravaganza, Etra Fine Art unveiled a new showcase, “Highlights 2016.” We were joined by many of our artists and friends to celebrate another year of exploration in art. Check out some of our social shots below.

  • Painting by Mario Velez and sculptures by Ronny Vayda, yellow, miami etra fien art gallery, buy art, miami etra fine art, art week miami, famous comtemporary painter, famous modern sculptures for sale

    Etra Fine Art Celebrates Art Week with “Highlights 2016”

    For our annual Art Basel showcase, Etra Fine Art is pleased to present “Highlights 2016,” a group exhibition featuring works from renowned masters and emerging talents alike. Artists on display in our main room include Gisselline Amiuny, Metis Atash, Robert Brinker, Hugh Davies, Ana Maria Gutierrez, Andriy Halashyn, Juan Raul Hoyos, Titi Kerndt, Hyunmee Lee,…

  • New Acquisitions: Robert Brinker

    The spindly, hard-edge works of Robert Brinker are dense, elaborate superstructures built on a foundation of curved lines and bright colors. Brinker is still young, but has exhibited nationally at a number of reputable galleries and belongs to many private collections (See full inventory list) At times, the curved lines and ecstatic colors call to…

  • RTU207615 by Yigit Yazici, miami etra fine art gallery, neon, yellow, purple, pink, disco,abstract buy acrylic on canvas

    New Acquisitions: Yigit Yazici

    One look at Istanbul native Yigit Yazici‘s work is enough to transport the viewer to alternate worlds. Through a signature loose, vibrantly colorful style, Yazici transforms familiar forms into collisions of vibrating lines and eye-popping colors. On first view, Yazici’s works may appear to be digital, with their smoothed forms and outlined strokes. However, Yazici…