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  • Pantone 021 in the Night Sky by Linda Nicholas, colorful red mixed media painting for sale, contemporary abstract, miami etra fine art gallery art, famous artwork for sale

    New Acquisitions: Linda Nicholas

    New York-based painter Linda Nicholas’ works are energetic, playful explorations of control and unexpected coincidence. Focusing on nature and her relationship to the environment, the artist says the following of her work: “Fragments cut out and peeled off to make hybrids suggestive of constructed matter circulating in the body, nature, and the whole universe. The…

  • magazine, Andriy Halashyn interview, birth of a country, black and white, prostitute, women, colorful ukraninan pop artist, miami etra fine art news

    Andriy Halashyn Interview in ArtDistricts Magazine

    Etra Fine Art is very pleased to announce that Andriy Halashyn has been featured in ArtDistricts Magazine for their Basel issue (No. 39, December 2015)! Below, check out a snippet of the article, featuring Halashyn’s painting “Birth of a Country.” Pick up a copy around Wynwood today and read the rest of this fascinating interview.

  • New Acquisitions: Robert Brinker

    The spindly, hard-edge works of Robert Brinker are dense, elaborate superstructures built on a foundation of curved lines and bright colors. Brinker is still young, but has exhibited nationally at a number of reputable galleries and belongs to many private collections (See full inventory list) At times, the curved lines and ecstatic colors call to…

  • RTU207615 by Yigit Yazici, miami etra fine art gallery, neon, yellow, purple, pink, disco,abstract buy acrylic on canvas

    New Acquisitions: Yigit Yazici

    One look at Istanbul native Yigit Yazici‘s work is enough to transport the viewer to alternate worlds. Through a signature loose, vibrantly colorful style, Yazici transforms familiar forms into collisions of vibrating lines and eye-popping colors. On first view, Yazici’s works may appear to be digital, with their smoothed forms and outlined strokes. However, Yazici…

  • Photo of Santiago Medina by Fernando Cano, featured in miami herald, miami etra fine art gallery artists, canvas art for sale, contemporary artist miami

    Santiago Medina featured in the Miami Herald

    Congratulations to Colombian-born sculptor Santiago Medina¬†for his recent feature in the Miami Herald. The article details the impetus and creation of his large bronze work, “Flame of Excellence,” dedicated to the Florida International University Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine. The article is the latest in a long series of press and accolades for the local…

  • Jettison by Blu smith, blue smith, abstract blue colorful canvas for sale, contemporary famous artist, miami etra fine art gallery, purple yellow

    New Acquisitions at Etra Fine Art

    There’s exciting news for Miami art lovers today, as Etra Fine Art has recently acquired two brand new artists. The first is Blu Smith, an abstract painter from Victoria, Canada who impresses and delights us with his daring use of color and form. Beginning his career as a sign painter and commercial artist, Smith used…

  • Multiesfera V1 by Gisseline Amiuny, purple, violet LED light installation, lightbox sculpture for sale, circle, globe famous contemporary artist blue squares, miami etra fine art gallery

    New Acquisitions: Gisseline Amiuny

    Viewing Venezuelan native Gisseline Amiuny’s work is an exercise in space-time travel. Her lightboxes depict complex geometric forms with little more than layers of etched acrylic and LED lights, creating ghostly 3D shapes via adherence to rigid mathematics. Amiuny occupies a uniquely optics-driven space in the collection, conveying an awe-inspiring statement within her minimalist framework.…

  • Mixed media on linen by Ana Maria Gutierrez, miami etra fine art gallery, new artist acquisitions, red, letters, famous contemporary artwork for sale, colombian abstract artist black, white, canvas

    New Acquisitions: Ana Maria Gutierrez

    One glance at the richly textured surfaces of Ana Maria Gutierrez’s pieces transports you to the streets of her native Colombia. Using the posters, flyers, advertisements, and street detritus of Bogota, Gutierrez transplants her favorite parts of the walls of her hometown directly to her canvases, collaging them into energetic compositions with a deft hand.…

  • Artwork by Hyunmee Lee, canvas art for sale, contemporary famous artist, miami etra fine art gallery, modern canvas for sale, new york art, black, white yellow

    Hyunmee Lee Wins Fellowship of Visual Arts Excellence

    Artwork by Hyunmee Lee Major Visual Arts Fellowship Awarded to Artist Hyunmee Lee The Utah Division of Arts & Museums announced March 10, 2015, the award of a $10,000 Fellowship for Visual Arts Excellence to Hyunmee Lee. Juror Cameron Martin, a visual artist from Brooklyn, New York, whose works have been shown internationally, said of…

  • Etra Fine Art Storefront, miami florida fine art gallery, red, gray, windows, famous contemporary art for sale, sculpture for sale, modern gallery exhibits

    Sneak Peek – Etra Fine Art Reopening

    We’ve been working very hard to bring you a new Etra Fine Art and it’s almost time to unveil our new space. Stay tuned, we’ll be announcing our grand reopening exhibition and reception very soon! We hope to see everyone there.