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  • Eternal Spring by Mario Vélez, yellow, orange, black, famous contemporary modern art for sale, miami etra fine art gallery, new york gallery,

    Mario Vélez “Eternal Spring”

    Mario Vélez “Eternal Spring” now being exhibited through March.

  • Tess Kimono by Andrea Dasha Reich, mixed media art for sale, famous contemporary modern abstract artist, miami etra fine art gallery canvas for sale

    “Ecstatic Visions: The Work of Andrea Dasha Reich”

      Born in Czech Republic in 1946 to a life of diversity, Andrea Dasha Reich attended the Bezalel Academy of Arts in Jerusalem before moving to NYC to nourish a life of progressive creativity and success. She now resides in a tropical countryside where she lives adjacent to her studio. Through her travels, adventures, and…

  • "Internal Migrations" by Mario Vélez, mixed media on canvas, yellow orange, famous contemporary artists for sale, miami etra fine art gallery, nyc fine art for sale

    Mario Vélez “Internal Migrations”

    Migrations, nothing staying in its place, as if everything were propelled by a centrifugal force. Strokes that let the light poor in, ovals clamped shut on the reality of their deepening color. Vélez studies the shape of the oval in a search to find form in the formless. They are human footprints that invite the…

  • "Territorio de Calam" by Antoni Amat, mixed media on wood, red, famous contemporary artist on sale, miami etra fine art gallery canvas for sale,

    Spanish Artist Antoni Amat

    In the early stages of his career Antoni‘s work reflected the strong influences of his birthplace, Barcelona, and the discovery of Spanish titans like Goya, Dali and Picasso. At the age of fifteen, he had his first exhibition and throughout his early career the influence of Surrealism was strong. The Mediterranean landscape, its light, colors…

  • 8.5 Butterflies by Chris Reilly, miami etra fine art gallery, buy canvas art, famous contemporary artist, butterflies, blue, yellow, canvas, encaustic, buy art

    Tom Judd & Chris Reilly

    Joint show | Vernissage Saturday, April 10th 2010

  • 3 Artwork Panels by Ricardo Pelaez, miami etra fine art gallery opening reception, art exhibit, red canvas, floral artwork red canvas, modern abstract contemporary art for sale

    Ricardo Pelaez, “Art in Context”

    Opening reception October 10th, 2009