Yigit Yazici

“To express myself freely is the most important thing for me in life, and I’ve been doing that through art since I was 20. I’m determined to follow up this path I’ve chosen at a very young age, until the end of my life. I define my goal in life as acknowledging, composing and extending myself. The world of art serves me to reach this. My relation with the viewer makes my dreams and my life meaningful. If you ask me the meaning of my existence I would say awareness and creating. I accept myself as I am and I respect that. My greatest weapon in life is to embrace the unknown. My mission above all is knowing myself and to share my work with people. My admiration for nature gives me infinite energy and my nature helps me to hold on to life with joy. As I have always said, everything is the result of a choice we make.

And I chose to be happy.”

– Yigit Yazici





LA Art Show, Tally Beck Contemporary, LA, USA
Art14, London, UK


Menase Art Fair, Arton56th gallery , Beirut, Lebanon
Texas Contemporary Art Fair, Tally Beck Contemporary, Houston, USA
Freeand 90, GroupShow, Consulate General of Turkey, Berlin
ArtMRKT San Francisco, Tally Beck Contemporary, USA
Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair, Art on 56th, Istanbul
PeaceUnlimited,Solo Show, Gallery AP87, Den Haag, Netherlands
E-Cosi, Solo Exhibition, Linart, 25 April – 25 May, Istanbul
Layers of a Tale, Solo Show, Art on 56th, 28 February – 20 March, Beirut, Lebanon


Nobody’s Business But TheTurk’s, Solo Show, TallyBeckContemporary, 14 November – 6 January, New York, USA
Menase Art Fair, Arton56th gallery , Beirut
AbsolutVotka IstanbulBottle – Special Edition, Launchparty, Anjelique, April 4, Istanbul
Art Asia Miami Fair, TallyBeckContemporary, 5 – 9 December, Miami, USA


ArtMRKT, Tally Beck Contemporary,San Francisco USA
Pop Art Extended, September 15 – October15, Alan Istanbul/ Linart, Istanbul
The Istanbul Summer Exhibition, June 8 -July 15,  Antrepo 5, Istanbul
Next Artfair, Tally Beck Contemporary, Chicago USA
Art Asia Miami Hat Art Fruit, December 1-4 , Miami USA
ContemporaryIstanbul, 24-27 November, Bali Art Gallery, Istanbul
Contemporary 2, Groupexhibition, 17 Nov – 10 Dec, Bali Art Gallery, Istanbul
Art AsiaMiami,TallyBeckContemporary, December 1-4, Miami USA


Look into your self, Solo Show, Bali Art Gallery, 7-18 October, İstanbul
Oksijen, Solo Show, La Table de Tee Tally Beck Contemporary, Bangkok Thailand
Yigit Yazıcı Painting Exhibition, Armoni Art Gallery, March 12 – April 5, Ankara
Art Asia Miami Hat Art Fruit, December 1-5, Miami, USA
Asian Art 2010 Tally Beck Contemporary,  October New York, NY USA


Scope Art Fair, Hat ArtFruit, June 8–14, Basel, Switzerland
Nadia Arditti – Yiğit Yazici, April 30–May 21, Ankara, Turkey
Scope ArtAsia Fair, Hat ArtFruit, December 2–6, Miami USA


Color of the Cities, Solo Show, Çırağan Palace Kempinski, Çırağan Kempinski, Istanbul
Yiğit Yazıcı & Nadia ArdittiPaintingandSculptureExhibition, Lebriz.com & Dem–Art, Citys, İstanbul
Scope ArtAsia Art Fair, Art & Life Gallery, December 3–7, Miami USA


Solo Exhibition, Gallery G–Art, İstanbul
Contemporary İstanbul, Art & Life Gallery, İstanbul
Portraits, Art at Akmerkez 5, Artdepo, İstanbul


Art at Akmerkez 4, Artdepo, İstanbul
Come on Girls to School, Creamart Gallery, İstanbul
My Family, Solo Exhibition, Article Art Gallery, İstanbul
Contemporary İstanbul, Article Art Gallery, İstanbul


Art is Love, Creamart Gallery, İstanbul
Creamart Gallery, Solo Show, İstanbul
Art at Akmerkez 3, Artdepo, İstanbul
40 Days 40 Nights Love, Passage Markiz Art Gallery, İstanbul


Tüyap Art Fair, Gallery Artist Çukurcuma, İstanbul
The Place I was Born, Solo Show, Zafer Plaza, Bursa
Art–Ist Art Fair, Portart Art Gallery, İstanbul
Art at Akmerkez 2, Artdepo, İstanbul
Solo Show, Gallery Artist Çukurcuma, İstanbul


Esthetic Scale in Comtemporary Turkish Painting, Gallery Baraz, İstanbul
Art at Akmerkez 1, Artdepo, İstanbul
Meeting, Turuncu Art Gallery, Bodrum
SketchBooks, Panini, Mayadrom, İstanbul
Feeling and Thought, A Sanat, İstanbul
1+ 1, Bebek Art Gallery, İstanbul