Ronny Vayda

“Every object has an inside; from the beginning of my work as an artist, my endeavor has been to investigate that inner space.

 For many years I insisted almost obsessively on using orthogonal forms, right angles, as my point of departure being that straight lines do not exist in nature.  I was intrigued by the contrast of the curvaceous versus the straight, the natural as opposed to the purely rational, and, convinced of the enormous formal possibilities I could find there, my quest moved in that direction.

Then, almost imperceptibly I began to move toward curvy forms, which, although in appearance may seem organic, they are from start to finish, rationally generated; there is nothing in these forms not dictated by geometry; nothing left to chance, nothing accidental.  Everything follows a mathematical plan from the original conception through the making and the final result.

I have never believed in inspiration alone.  I believe that only through the work itself do concrete, precise, clear ideas emerge.  My creative work is no different from that of the architect, the mathematician, or the laborer.  There is no question in my work of simply thinking up a brilliant idea but rather, facing a multitude of problems and challenges to be solved within limitations of means and possibilities.  Thus one work, or one problem, leads me to another, and from there to others, because any one work always generates expectations and new possibilities to explore.

As a sculptor I aspire to uncover the beauty, harmony and simplicity of matter.  The materials I work with interest me for their solidity, resistance, fragility and nobility.  Each one of them must express itself and establish a dialogue with the others.  The nature of the materials has always concerned me: the skin, as it were, the processes of rusting and the transparencies.  The relationships of the materials, their affinities and antipathies are what generate the making of the works.”

– Ronny Vayda


2010 “An Experience with Geometric Forms”. Nathan D. Rosen Museum, Boca Raton, Florida.
2009 “Oración Geométrica”. Galería Naranjo & Velilla, Medellín
2006 “Sintagmas”.  Galería Sextante. Bogotá.
2003 “Códigos Diáfanos “ Galería La Oficina. Medellín
1999 “Denominación de Origen”.  Sala Suramericana. Medellín
1997 FIA Galeria Alonso Arte. Caracas Venezuela
1996 Mirarte.  Recinto Ferial Centro Financiero.  Avenida Chile.  Bogotá
1996 FIA Galería Sextante Caracas Venezuela.
1995 Ronny Vayda Escultor . Museo de Arte Moderno. Bucaramanga.
1994 Ronny Vayda Esculturas. Universidad Nacional. Sala Germán Arciniegas. Manizales.
1993 Sables y Yelmos. Galería el Museo Santafé de Bogotá.
1992 Sables y Yelmos. Galería de la Oficina. Medellín.
1988 Esculturas Urbanas. Museo de Arte Moderno. Medellín.
1987 Galería de la Oficina. Medellín. (Marín – Vayda)
1983 Galería Garcés Velásquez. Santafé de Bogotá. (Rojas – Vayda)
1982 Galería de la Oficina. Medellín. (Castles – Vayda).
1982 Galería de la Oficina. Medellín. (Negret – Vayda).
1980 Galería de la Oficina. Medellín.


2014 Art Palm Beach, with (Art) Amalgamated Gallery, New York. Palm Beach County Convention Center. Palm Beach, Florida.
2014 Art Wynwood. with (Art) Amalgamated Gallery, New York. The Art Miami Pavillion. Miami, Florida.
2013 The Marvelous Real Colombia Though The Visions of Its Artist.
2013 American Development Bank. Cultural Center. Washington D.C.
2013 Spectrum Art Fair. Current Group USA / Art Projects. Miami, Florida
2012 The Expressions of Life. Raibow Art Gallery. Shanghai. China.
2012 Esculturas en la Colección del MAMBO. Museo de Arte Moderno. Bogotá.
2012 ColeccionesMUUA. Museo de la Universidad de Antioquia. Medellín.
2011 Shanghai Art Fair. Shanghaimart. Shanghai. China.
2011 Maestros. Galería Naranjo & Velilla. Medellín.
2011 Vitales / Inertes. Galería La Cometa. Bogotá.
2010 Arte en América, Identidades y Transformaciones. Museo Casa de La Moneda. Santiago de Chile.
2010 Lo Ambiguo // Lo Abstracto. Museo de Arte Moderno. Medellín
2010 Dorado, Fondo Internacional de las Artes FIART. Madrid, España.
2009 Medellín, Art & Development. Inter American Development Bank. Cultural Center. Washington D.C.
2009 Corte / 50. Museo de Arte Moderno.
2009 Bilateral Engagement. The Art Museum of The Americas. Washington D.C.
2008 Palm Beach 3. ETRA Gallery. Palm Beach County Convention Center. Palm Beach.
2008 Extended Boundary: Latin American and Caribbean Artist in Miami. The  Cultural Center of The Inter-American Development Bank. Washington D.C.
2008 Arte Abstracto. Segunda parte: 1975 – 2007. Sala Suramericana. Medellín
2008 10 Años. Galería Olivier Debré. Alianza Colombo Francesa. Medellín
2007 Arte Colombiano en la Colección del Museo de Arte Moderno Años 60-00. Bogotá.
2007 “Formas Divergentes”. Galería Montealegre. Bogotá.
2007 Arteamericas. Remy Toledo Gallery. Miami Beach Convention Center. Miami Beach.
2007 Palm Beach 3. ETRA Gallery. Palm Beach County Convention Center. Palm Beach.
2007 “Pinta”.The Contemporary Lati American Art Fair. Praxis International Art. Metropolitan Pavillion. New York.