Nadín Ospina

“Nadin Ospina’s works are the result of the state of traffic and exchange of ideas that characterize our era. Its hybrid character refers to operations that individuals’ redefinitions of peripheral societies make products of the hegemonic culture. It highlights the state of constant redefinition that local cultures are in due to the rise of communication networks and world economic exchanges. Ospina’s proposals refer to a concept of being Latin — if it ever existed — as one in crisis; he alludes to a reality in negotiation, in which the pre-Hispanic myths of a lost Arcadia merge with a brilliant transnational culture of spectacle. Revisions to Colima figures, copulating couples of the Tumaco or Aztec warriors, all with the ears of Mickey Mouse, outlined a scenario in which the subjects are involved in different forces — in which the global and the local repel and attract, and at once must appropriate fragments from different sources to give meaning to reality. Ospina’s mestizo works are the result of a state of affairs in which the subject –including so-called Western countries — must give new meaning to transnational products to make them reconcile with their immediate reality, the local reality. The Colombian artist’s proposals are the result of a world in which all have become the other.”

– Eduardo Perez Soler