Andriy Halashyn

“Andriy Halashyn’s oil on canvas pieces are as layered, rich, and complex as the artist’s life itself. Not coincidentally, Halashyn credits much of his style and inspiration to specific scenes, memories, and periods of time from his life. He describes his art in the same way he describes that life: “like a film, with layers one after the other,” each composed of parts that are essential to the whole.

Halashyn’s signature style — for which he has been called an emerging global sensation — hinges on high-impact contrasts. “I don’t have limits,” he says. “I like to mix politics with children’s heroes, fashion with war, destruction with parties.” For Halashyn, the contrasting elements — topics, colors, sensations — simply reflect life. “With every unpleasant situation, I try to see the positive things … and all of them are a part of our lives.”

Today, Halashyn continues to travel, hoping to exhibit in additional countries and continue to transcend cultures with his work. He quotes Picasso to describe himself as an artist: “inspiration exists, it just has to find us working.” He will continue working as an artist for the rest of his life, he says, finding pure joy in the process.”

– Elizabeth Nutt

Solo exhibitions

15/07/2014 Salfineart Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
17/10/2012 Arteconsult Gallery, Panama, Panama
16/02/2012 Jade Gallery, Frick, Switzerland
28/06/2011 KunstKlub, San Jose, Costa Rica
27/05/2010 Collection Art Gallery, Rich&Famous project, Kiev, Ukraine
14/12/2009 Na Institutskoy Art Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine
21/05/2008 Gallery Arteconsult Aleman & Grinberg, Panama, Panama
09/07/2007 Arte 99 Gallery, War Fashion, San Jose, Costa Rica
08/03/2005 KunstKlub Gallery, Kniazna Filosophy, San Jose, Costa Rica.
28/10/2003 Hossli Jewelers, Kniazna Filosophy, san Jose, Costa Rica.
10/12/2001 GalleryAnna Marten, Primeros Momentos, San José Costa Rica.

Group exhibitions

01/03/2015 Pinchuk Art Centre, Ukraine ,Kiev
15/05/2014 SalfineartGallery, Los Angeles, USA.
31/12/2013 EquilateroGallery,San Jose, Costa Rica.
31/11/2013 Valoarte Costa Rica, San Jose , Costa Rica
15/02/2013 Palm Springs Art Fair, CA,USA
31/10/2012 Valoarte,San Jose , Costa Rica
14/07/2012 Scope Art Fair ,Zurich, Switzerland
02/03/2012 Arteamericas Art Fair,  Miami , USA
29/10/2011 Pinchuk Art Centre Prize, Kiev, Ukraine
14/09/2011 Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai , China
07/09/2011 Valoarte, San Jose ,Costa Rica
09/06/2010 Arteconsult Gallery,” Candys” with Luciano Goizueta ,Panama,Panama.
29/05/2010 Collection Gallery&Pinchuk Art Centre , “Night at the Museum “
14/04/2010 Bickar Gallery,New York – San Jose, San Jose ,Costa Rica
13/03/2010 Diana Lowenstein Fine Art Gallery,Miami ,USA.
21/01/2010 The Americas collection Gallery,Los Angeles Art Show,USA
14/12/2009 Pinchuk Art Center ,Kiev, Ukraine.
22/10/2009 Arteconsult Gallery ,ArteBo Art Fair,Bogota,Colombia.
21/06/2009 Arteconsult Gallery,Panama,Panama
28/09/2009 Valoarte ,San Jose ,Costa Rica
09/06/2009 Hot Art Fair,  Kunst Klub Art Promotions , Basel, Switzerland.
26/03/2009 Arteconsult Gallery,ArteahoraArt Fair,Chicago,USA.
26/03/2009 Arte Americas Art Fair,  Arteconsult Gallery, Miami, USA.
14/05/2009 The Americas Collections GalleryMiami , USA.
01/12/2008 Red Dot Fair , Americas Colections Gallery, Miami.
22/10/2008 ArtBo,Bogota ,Arteconsult Gallery,Colombia.
09/12/2008 Fundacion Manolo Caracol , Panama.
28/09/2008 Valoarte,San Jose,Costa-Rica.
22/06/2008 Arteconsult Gallery,  Panamá, Panamá.
26/03/2008 Arte consult Gallery,ArteAmericas, Miami   Beach, U.S.A.
08/05/2007 Arteconsult Gallery , Panamá, Panamá.
28.09/2007 VALOARTE, War Fashion, San José, Costa Rica.
09/05/2006 VIP Santamaría, War Fashion, San José, Costa Rica.