Andrea Dasha Reich

Andrea Dasha Reich, born in Prague and schooled in Jerusalem at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, is an international, contemporary abstract artist, residing in the U.S. She has been widely collected and recognized for her masterful works in epoxy resin.

Inspired by the organic shapes and planes in nature, Reich’s artworks are a woven interplay of rich color spectrums that explore the depth and intimacy of the abstract world we live in. Her works are an indication of how this prolific multimedia artist sees the world; astonishing beauty, magnificent power and the intense awe-inspiring complexity in nature of which the life and creation of color is born. Through the use of pure pigments and layers of epoxy resins, her works seem to let her visions breathe with motion and fluidity… the crystalline paintings pull you into a mysterious realm of curiosity and surprise.

“I am as affected by the frog I saw yesterday, sitting on the lit globe of my outside light, as I am by the distant memories of a gray hut I once saw in China, or a blue mosaic tile I saw years ago when I lived in Jerusalem.”

– Andrea Dasha Reich


2015 Syd Entel Galleries, Safety Harbor, FL
2014 Etra Fine Art, Miami, FL
2012 Art Expo + SOLO, Miami, FL
2012 Etra Fine Art, Miami, FL
2012 Establishment Gallery, NYC
2010 Pismo Gallery, Aspen, CO
2009 Etra Fine Art, Miami, Fl
2009 Pismo Gallery, Aspen, Co
2009 Establishment, New York, NYC
2008 Pismo Gallery, Aspen, CO
2008 Etra Fine Art, Miami, FL
2006 Pismo Gallery, Aspen, CO
2006 Etra Fine Art, Miami, Fl
2005 Pismo Gallery, Aspen, CO
2005 Longboat Key Art Center, Longboat Key, FL
2004 Pismo Gallery, Aspen, Co
2003 Pismo Gallery, Beaver Creek, Co
2003 At the Loft Gallery, Omaha, NE
2002 Pismo Gallery, Beaver Creek, CO
2002 Grohe Signature Gallery, Boston, MA
2002 Free-Form Art Gallery, Sarasota, FL
2001 Pismo Gallery, Denver, CO
1999 Atmosphere Gallery, Soho, New York, NY
1998 Atmosphere Gallery, Soho, New York, NY