Art Basel Miami is the largest annual art event in America, occurring every December and drawing huge crowds of art aficionados and collectors. Below, check out some shots of Etra’s annual Winter Group Show, exhibited as part of Basel. Artists showcased include Christian Awe, Titi Kerndt, Wifredo Lam, Hyunmee Lee, Edgar Negret, and many more.

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Clockwise from top: Edgar Negret, Ronny Vayda, Wifredo Lam
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Left to right: Alejandra Puga, Juan Mejia, Titi Kerndt, Francis Hines, Valeria Yamamoto, Nadin Ospina, Hyunmee Lee, Francisco Zuniga
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Left to right: Juan Mejia, Christian Awe, Hernando Alzate
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Left: Edgar Negret, Right: Fernando de Szyszlo