Andriy Halashyn’s Miami Debut at Etra Fine Art

If you don’t know the name Andriy Halashyn, take note. This Ukrainian-born, Costa Rican-living painter is making waves in the art world, and Etra Fine Art is proud to be the first to represent him in South Florida.

Birth of a Country by Andriy Halashyn, buy painting, oil on canvas, black and white, colors, yellow, pink, people, tires, waste, miami etra fine art gallery
“Birth of a Country”, 80 x 120 in., oil on canvas

Halashyn’s works bridge the gap between pop and surrealism, with desolate landscapes setting the scene for iconic figures and props to populate. The push-pull dynamic between the terrifying, real world landscapes of destruction and the glamorous, chaotic and benign figures in the foreground creates an uneasy tension that is at once alarming, humorous, satirical and playful.

Andriy Halashyn Transport Forms, oil painting for sale, miami etra fine art gallery, contemporary pop artist, famous painter for sale artwork, orange car, women, blue, tree, house
Andriy Halashyn, “Transport Forms”, oil on canvas, 51 x 59 in

Tantalizing and playful at first glance, Andriy’s colorful forms and impeccable painter’s hand conceal a deeper meaning. For those who look beyond the surface, a world balanced carefully on the brink of destruction is alluded to — if we, as a society, can manage to look past the beautiful models, shiny toys, opulent decadence, and carefree activities that permeate the foreground.

Catch more pieces by Halashyn at our Art Basel showcase, “Highlights 2016”, on view now at Etra Fine Art. Read up on Halashyn’s biography and exhibitions.